Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NASA found perchlorate on Mars

Water on MarsNASA has reported the results from soil samples delivered a few weeks ago to science instruments on Phoenix Mars Lander. In report there is statement that one of the soil constituents may be perchlorate. Perhlorate is a highly oxidizing substance, this fact excludes possibility of life on Mars as we know it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Online virtual hairstyling services and haircut sites

Hairstyle modelingThere thousands of sites with haircut photos for men and women with any types of hair styles. Also there are some commercial virtual hairstyling services like hairstyletools.com, TheHairStyler.com, i-hairstyler.com, javon.us, hairstyleeditor.com. But recently I found a new web 2.0 women’s makeover service Taaz which lets you tweak hairstyles and your makeup. You have to upload a photo with your face, then you can completely change your look within minutes. This service can change your haircut to trendy or formal hairstyle, curly or long, fashion or bridal, wedding or prom. Also you can try to fit celebrities hairstyles by Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Simpson.