Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google vs Microsoft competition

Now we've traveled to blog site with post about Google and Nokia.
"Nokia have teamed up with Google to produce an updated version of the 770 internet tablet. Using the Google Talk VoIP system, the device won’t have traditional mobile phone capabilities but be a PDA or handheld computer with Wi-Fi for fast internet access and voice data transfer. Not only will it have these pretty new functions, but the Nokia 770 will also feature a high spec video and music player making it a good multimedia choice."
Here more text about competition with Microsoft:
"Whether the Nokia 770 takes off or not is sort of incidental to this news, because what this announcement means is that Google and Microsoft have found yet another battle ground for market share. With Microsoft’s UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs) on the horizon, and Nokia marketing their Tablets as cheaper alternatives, Google have chosen their side in the war, and once again it’s against Mr. Gates and co."

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