Thursday, February 21, 2008

World on alert for satellite debris and fragments

Satellite USA 193 missle shootdownMany countries all over the world is on the alert for possible harmful fall-out from the US shootdown of a failed USA-193 spy satellite. China asks US to provide more datails on satellite explosion.
In the meantime FEMA has provided "Memo About Falling Satellite" that have been sent to thousands of local police, fire and emergency service agencies around the country. This 18-page guide also has helpful hints for the public.
Space experts doubt that debris from the spy satellite will hit anywhere near land. Moreover the most likely consequence would be a meteor shower of small bits of debris.
"The debris cloud would cross the dark Canadian coast north of Vancouver fifteen minutes after the shoot down," said Jim Oberg, space analyst. "I expect that some of the most energetically expelled fragments will be hitting the atmosphere all along this track. It could be a meteor shower to remember." More info about debris falling read here.

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