Sunday, March 02, 2008

Texas and Ohio Primary Polls

Texas Ohio Primary PollsLets look on latest polls. Looks like Clinton loses Ohio. In Ohio, Zogby shows even 45% between the two Democrats.
Meanwhile, a new poll executed for the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research of Washington finds Clinton ahead. Plain Dealer that shows Hillary clinging to a 4 percentage point lead over Barack in Ohio, 47% to 43%.
Unlike in Texas, polls in Ohio show Clinton ahead and some by wide margins. Here’s the list of polls:
Rasmussen: Clinton 47%, Obama 45%
Zogby: Clinton 45%, Obama 45%
Fox News: Clinton 46%, Obama 38%
SurveyUSA: Clinton 50%, Obama 44%
Real Clear Politics: Clinton, 44.9%; Obama, 47.1%
University of Cincinnati: Clinton 47%, Obama, 39%
In Texas, the Zogby Poll shows Obama 45% and Clinton 43%
Pollster: Clinton 44.4%, Obama 47.3%

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