Monday, July 18, 2011

Bitcoin to Namecoin difficulty ratio

new bitcoin clientNamecoin original site got very interesting page with Bitcoin and Namecoin difficulties and future changes. This page contains two tables with three rows: current value in the network, instant value based on current network hash rate and next Bitcoin difficulty value with date of switching. Also there is third table with Namecoin/Bitcoin difficulty ratio which may help you decide what currency to mine - Bitcoin or Namecoin.

Current values at time of writing this post were:

Namecoin next difficulty row:

  • Block number 16128
  • Next difficulty switching time 22/07/2011 06:57
  • Next difficulty value 22'483.11
  • Next/Current difficulty ratio 0.40

Bitcoin next difficulty row:

  • Block number 137088
  • Next difficulty switching time 19/07/2011 22:41
  • Next difficulty value 1'673'141.39
  • Next/Current difficulty ratio 1.07

Table with Namecoin/Bitcoin difficulty ratio contains this data for next Namecoin switching date: next difficulty switching time 22/07/2011, NMC/BTC Ratio 74.42 BTC/NMC Ratio 0.0134

1 comment:

Namecoin Pool said...

The current NMC/BTC Ratio is 71.93
The current BTC/NMC Ratio is 0.0139

With the exchange rate at ~0.0335 at the time of this comment, it is much more profitable to mine namecoins.

This will remain true as long as the exchange rate stays above 0.0139

The tool you linked to estimates that will happen on 7/24/2011 with an estimated ratio of 0.0556