Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to send namecoins to peer's wallet address

How to send namecoins to wallet addressUsers of Namecoin console client namecoind.exe may wonder sometime how to transfer coins from user's wallet to peer's or other user's wallet. This may happened when user decides to move namecoins to exchange market to convert it to USD or Bitcoins. The command for transferring coins in Windows is really simple:

namecoind.exe sendtoaddress Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx amount-to-send

This command will send amount-to-send namecoins to wallet with address Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Try it by yourself and see who it works.

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Namecoin Pool said...

Some more very useful commands:

"namecoind.exe getinfo"
"namecoind.exe listtransactions"
"namecoind.exe help"